Airport Ads has significantly strengthened its Visionet™ – Southern Africa’s largest indoor airport screen – network with the addition of a new large format digital Out of Home site at O.R. Tambo International Airport (ORTIA) in Johannesburg.

In doing so, it has responded to market demand and its customers’ growing need for a greater digital presence within the airport environment.

The newly installed screen at O.R. Tambo International measures 4m x 9m and is strategically situated in the main corridor of the domestic departures area in Terminal B.

The Extended Network

With the launch of Visionet at South Africa’s largest and busiest airport, advertisers are now able to engage travellers via a large format digital network in highly desirable airport sites situated within three of the country’s premier economic hubs, including Lanseria International Airport to the north-west of Johannesburg and King Shaka International Airport in Durban.

This makes for a compelling offering and speaks to Airport Ads’ plan to grow the network’s capacity and build a product that allows for advertisers and brands to execute effective, high impact digital campaigns across a bouquet of large format screens at South Africa’s key airport locations.

Central to this is high reach and frequency and the audiences these airport environments are able to deliver.

Network Reach

The numbers back this up, with King Shaka International’s 4m x 9m screen delivering a monthly audience of approximately 470,000. Lanseria International, meanwhile, has a 3m x 9m screen and two 1.5m x 6.9m screens, reaching an audience of approximately 193,500 monthly. The new ORTIA screen, in turn, will be seen by approximately 508,000 travellers a month.

The extended Visionet digital network now offers advertisers the ability to embark on a digital campaign across the three airport locations while communicating their brand messaging to over        one million affluent decision makers monthly.

“The addition of Visionet at O.R. Tambo International is notable, as it significantly ramps up our digital offering while adding over 500,000 travellers monthly to the audience the network previously engaged,” says Mzi Deliwe, Deputy CEO of PMG and Head of Airport Ads. “Not only is Visionet able to deliver the speed and quality that digital out of home technology offers, but due to its impressive size, also the opportunity for brands to achieve high impact and make a lasting impression with travellers.”

Audience Data

Key to Visionet’s effectiveness is the quality of the audience the Airport Ads platform is able to deliver.

According to the research cited earlier, it’s an affluent audience, with 39% earning in excess of R500,000 annually. Further, 40% of high LSM consumers travel through airports monthly, whilst roughly 31% are business travellers. Approximately 80% of this audience is aged between 30 and 50, and roughly 58% are frequent flyers.

It’s a valuable audience – with access to larger amounts of disposable spend – and it’s one that spends more time exposed to media than in any other Out of Home environment, with an average minimum dwell period of 75 minutes in the airport environment. Adding to the impact of this platform is the fact that this audience is a captive one in a location that affords brands zero tune-out.

With its size, prime locations, impact and desirable audiences, the Visionet network makes for a desirable solution for brands. Particularly brands that understand that digital mediums and technology-based solutions are becoming paramount in staying connected and relevant to a range of targeted and desirable consumer segments.

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The Key Trends Within the Airport Environment in 2020

Mzukisi Deliwe, Deputy CEO of Provantage Media Group and head of leading airport environment Out-of-Home player Airport Ads, unpacks the most pertinent trends for 2020.

There is no doubt that airport passenger numbers are increasing annually, bringing bigger revenue and foot traffic to destinations worldwide. But what are the biggest trends that will affect OOH advertising within the airport environment on the African continent?

It is an exciting time for Africa. Africa is seen as one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world and holds numerous opportunities for brands. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) projects Africa to be the fastest growing region to 2036 at 5.9% per annum, for a total market of 400 million passengers annually. This will spur a massive growth in Out-of-Home and Digital Out-of-Home in the airport environment.

Increase in Passenger numbers a plus for Advertisers

The first major trend that will directly affect advertising and ROI is increase in passenger numbers and frequency of travel.

While South Africa’s GDP – a key driver of traffic volume growth – has languished around 1% per annum, Airports Company South Africa’s Annual Report for 2019 shows that there has been a growth of 1.3% in departure numbers, up to 21 118 264 (FY2017/18: 20 836 852). International arrivals have increased by 0,8%. Also, Cape Town International Airport grew its international traffic by 7.7% and 1.8% domestically.

This means that more people are passing through South Africa’s airports, providing brands with a bigger audience to influence.

Expansion in Airport Infrastructure will boost passenger numbers and opportunities to engage

Expansion in airport infrastructure is another key trend that will directly affect advertising. Worldwide the areas around airports are becoming designated aerotropolises and airports on the continent are set to follow suit. The trend is for airports to scale towards better air travel and a better experience for travellers. Furthermore, advertising has become integral to airport revenue and as such media installations and products are strategically located to enhance, rather than detract from, the experience.

For airports, this ensures that brands keep using the environment to meet their marketing and sales objectives.  For passengers, brand experiences enhance the luxury aspect of travel and affiliation with that brand culture. For advertisers it ensures that millions of consumers within a specific income bracket engage with their messaging in an environment that is captive and conducive to assimilation and purchase influence. It’s a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

DOOH in the airport environment elevates campaigns

Over the past few years, digital has been a significant game-changer in OOH. It has unlocked a plethora of opportunities for OOH to be more engaging and effective, adding to its value and importance within the marketing mix. Is it a growth sector in the airports environment? Most definitely.

Airport Ads has made significant investment in various international airports – including OR Tambo, King Shaka, Cape Town, Lanseria, Sharjah (UAE) and Kenneth Kaunda (Zambia) – in the development of DOOH solutions and experiences that integrate innovative ideas and executions. The aim is to elevate campaigns and passenger engagement to a whole new level.

From the perspective of digital, data and technologies, this will expand the opportunities to connect. Strong social media connections via smart devices, geo-location, and other methods of instantly involving consumers within a brand campaign will drastically change DOOH.

Intelligent campaigns engage all the senses

The airport environment offers the opportunity for brands to be bold in their campaign execution. Large format static creative is able to capture passengers from all sides. Combining moving graphics, 3D installations as well as sound and smell completely draws in consumers. Intelligent campaigns create a striking sensory impact, forging an immediate connection with brand messaging.

Intelligent, compelling creative has the ability to create strong relationships with consumers and start conversations that ultimately influence commerce. Brands that are open to and willing to be bold and different will make a big impact in 2020.

OOH advertising within the airport environment is undergoing huge change. It is an exciting time for innovation and opens up infinite opportunities for brands to talk to consumers.

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Transformation a business imperative for Provantage Media Group

Proudly South African out-of-home company Provantage Media Group is 52% black owned and 39% black female owned – but it says transformation is about so much more than ownership.

When leading out-of-home company Provantage Media Group  (PMG) was awarded a Level 1 B-BBEE rating in 2017 – the highest possible assessment – it became one of the largest OOH media companies to have achieved such a rating. It was also one of a small group of enterprise organisations within the marketing and communication sector to qualify as being truly empowered in terms of South African legislation.

PMG has not rested on its laurels, however. The proudly South African company completed an equity transaction whereby it became 52% black-owned and 39% black female-owned and, having renewed its B-BBEE certificate for the third year in a row, it continues to drive meaningful empowerment throughout the organisation – and beyond.

Tshego Sefolo, CEO of Agile Capital and current chairman of PMG, says the company has proved its commitment to empowerment as an ethos, not a mere compliance requirement. Sustainable empowerment is the core of the company’s value and it embraces transformation and the empowerment of others.

“When we partnered with PMG as a shareholder and partner in 2011, we had a very clear of idea of what it meant to select the right partner,” says Sefolo. “We were looking for a company seeking meaningful empowerment, not one that wanted to pay lip service to equity. We made the right decision – PMG is an organisation that truly understands what empowerment is and how it can be leveraged to make a real difference in society.”

In an effort to drive empowerment through targeted initiatives, PMG continues to offer intensive learnership programmes accredited by the Services SETA through the PMG Training Academy, which was founded in 2015 by its ProActive™ division. Graduates who complete the programmes successfully receive an NQF Level 4 FET Certificate. The Academy was established in order to increase the skills level within the out-of-home and activations industry, making is easier for graduates to pursue a career in media, sales, marketing and communications. PMG frequently employs programme graduates within its various divisions, underlying its commitment to broadening empowerment within the workplace.

“For us, empowerment is not just about ownership structures. It’s about building the right kind of organisation – one that actively seeks to create jobs and work opportunities for previously disadvantaged people,” says PMG’s deputy CEO, Mzukisi Deliwe. “We observe that a lot of 100% black-owned media companies are extremely vocal about B-BBEE but focus only on the ownership issue and do very little about changing South African society. It is about committing to developing those sectors of society that require sustained and consistent support. Offering opportunities to a large constituency of black South Africans is what true empowerment is about – not simply enriching a few people. It’s an integral part of our transformation philosophy.”

The fact that PMG scored a total of 119.12 points on the B-BBEE Scorecard – more than the 100 points required to qualify for Level 1 status – is a clear indication of its commitment towards broad-based empowerment. Companies that choose PMG as a preferred supplier can not only rest assured that they are supporting ‘real’ broad-based empowerment – they are also entitled to claim – for their own scorecard – R1.35 for every rand spent with the company, due to its procurement recognition level of 135%.

Another example of PMG’s efforts to economically uplift previously disadvantaged people is its strategic partnership with MTN, whereby it manages more than 2 000 sales agents across four provinces. These sales agents can sell airtime and data to consumers, connect their SIM cards, and port them to the MTN network. This allows the sales agents to earn sustainably while taking advantage of training and mentorship. In addition, PMG is currently employing 236 qualifying individuals as part of the MTN-steered YES4YOUTH programme, which provides individuals with extensive training and workplace experience – a step up to long-term employment.

“We have long been leaders when it comes to transformation in the OOH space,” says Deliwe. “Each initiative we become involved with further cements our reputation as an empowerment engine par excellence, driven to advance the economic interest of previously disadvantaged people across the board. We really want to make a measurable impact and, with transformation a key business imperative at PGM, we believe we can continue to achieve this.”

PMG and Agile Capital transformation and empowerment partners

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Why Airport Advertising Scores Big with Sports Fanatics

Airports are an ideal environment in which to communicate with and reach sports fans, explains Mzi Deliwe, Deputy CEO of Provantage Media Group and Head of Airport Ads.

It’s well-documented that people passionate about the sports they play and follow will go to extra lengths to make sure they don’t miss out on a particular experience or the opportunity to tick a particular event off their bucket list.

That means they are often moving through airports, as they journey to get to their event of choice. The latest PQ Media study shows that international sporting events, such as the recent Rugby World Cup, spur media growth. What this means for advertisers is that there is opportunity for a target audience with similar interests to be exposed to their brand in an environment that is highly conducive to brand assimilation.

“Sporting events provide ideal occasions for brands to communicate a particular message to a key audience. They provide for a more focussed campaign implemented within a very particular time frame with messaging that is strategically directed at sporting fans. Overall it makes for a more focussed, more impactful campaign,” explains Deliwe.

Types of Events

Sporting events range from local competitions such as the Cape Cycle Tour, Cape Epic, Comrades, Two Oceans Marathons and the Nedbank Golf Challenge at Sun City. All are regular highlights on the annual sporting calendar. International events include World Cups, the Olympics and Wimbledon.

Income Bracket

These types of sports fans typically sit in the upper income bracket and are a highly sought-after consumer market. According to Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), its airports see a split of roughly 56% leisure and 31% business travellers, which again speaks to a predominantly upper income audience made up of consumers with disposable income. 

Similarly, sports travellers sit in this same upper income bracket, making them an attractive proposition for brands who see a fit with this audience.

State of Mind

It’s worth bearing in mind that those travelling to participate in events such as those already cited, often travel early to attend exhibitions linked to the event in question, thus they’re likely to already be in an acquisitive state of mind or looking to spend.

Hence the synergy between ‘serious’ sports travel and out of home airport advertising – an area in which Airport Ads has built a reputation as a market leader able to deliver effective solutions to brands. This is thanks to its bouquet of airport-specific products and platforms.

The Effectiveness of Airport Advertising

Airport advertising has become an integral part of the airport experience, and Airport Ads has the research to back up that assertion.

It partnered with Torque to conduct a study into the levels of engagement with DOOH – specifically Airport.TV – at airports across South Africa. The study produced some interesting findings, among them: 

  • 93% of respondents said they actively engaged with it and enjoyed it
  • 84% said they would engage with promotions if they were on offer via airport branding
  • 87% said they believe that Airport TV ads stand out and are memorable
  • 67% said they could remember more than one of the adverts

This points to long dwell times, exceptional reach, increased engagement and recall, and the effectiveness of Airport Ads and its suite of products.

“An airport environment is about luxury and affluence and provides an incomparably effective opportunity for engaging with an upper income market of sporting fans. The airport environment provides the opportunity to engage with high-income earners in a high dwell time and zero tune out zone and is one that should not be missed,” concludes Deliwe.

Passport news banner

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Standard Bank Unveils ‘Spectacular’ Campaign At O.R. Tambo International

Breaking through the clutter, Standard Bank has embarked on an innovative and striking outdoor campaign with Airport Ads that looks set to leave a lasting impact on travellers making their way through O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, generating increased levels of awareness.

The campaign undertaken by Standard Bank Corporate and Investment Banking has seen the brand take ownership of the Heritage Corridor in the International Arrivals terminal at the airport, and partner with Airport Ads to produce dynamic creative that not only is impossible to miss, but takes the form of so much more than a ‘standard’ branding exercise.

This type of campaign is a first for both Airport Ads and Standard Bank Corporate and Investment Banking in an airport environment and positions the latter as a partner for growth.The creative serves to enhance this messaging, thanks to seven 3D ‘spectaculars’  that stand out from the branding, with either a movement sequence, dynamic changing text or tactile content.  In the case of the “helping communities grow” execution, some artificial grass frames the text. This, along with the ‘beads’ panel, adds a tactile 3D element to the campaign, as they stand out from the panel in question.

This is a long-term holding, with Standard Bank taking ownership of these zones and really showcasing its creative strength, with a total of 35 ‘faces’ rebranded and the seven 3D spectaculars primed to grab the attention of travellers landing in South Africa from abroad.

“It’s always encouraging and exciting for us when a client wants to challenge itself creatively and really maximise the opportunities that the Airport Ads bouquet of products offers,” says Mzi Deliwe, Deputy CEO of PMG and Head of Airport Ads.

According to Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), O.R. Tambo International Airport processes approximately nine million international passengers a year1, making for an attractive, captive audience and one that sits in the upper LSM segment – a perfect fit for Standard Bank Corporate and Investment Banking.

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Shimansky campaign delivers a ‘gem’ at CT International

Shimansky is one of the most recognised jewellery brands in South Africa and that reputation looks set to be enhanced, thanks to a striking advertising campaign it has embarked on with Airport Ads.

This ‘Airport Classic’ campaign is in the form of an eye-catching 27m (width) x 2.5m (height) brand presence covering one side of the Domestic Arrivals terminal corridor at Cape Town International Airport.

Adding to the effectiveness of the Shimansky advert is the fact that Airport Ads has added new LED lighting to the space to increase visibility and maximise illumination, whilst at the same time eliminating any potential ‘dead spots’, making this platform even more prominent and likely to grab the attention and engage travellers passing through Cape Town International.

Shimansky has several stores across South Africa and recently opened a boutique on New York’s iconic Fifth Avenue, which it advertises on the site at Cape Town International. The creative execution includes the Shimansky Cape Town – New York branding to announce this great opening and expansion of the brand to service a broader international audience that will now have the opportunity to learn more about their South African roots and the genesis of Shimansky’s iconic designs in New York.

The ‘Airport Classic’ site introduces the Shimansky brand to visitors travelling to South Africa for the first time and features its most iconic designs, such as the Millennium® diamond ring, as well as a range of premium yellow diamonds and tanzanite, which Shimansky also specialises in.

“Not only is Airport Ads able to deliver high traffic volumes, captive audiences and upper LSM consumers, but also has an inventory of high-impact airport advertising solutions that lend themselves to increased levels of awareness and brand recall,” says Mzi Deliwe, Deputy CEO of PMG and Head of Airport Ads. “Shimansky has taken advantage of the targeted reach our sites offer, with the new lighting installed at the site assisting in elevating the brand stature even further.”

Airport Ads is embarking on a similar illumination project in the baggage collection area in the International Arrivals terminal at O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, in a bid to provide brands with an even more attractive airport advertising proposition.

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Provantage Media Group consolidates operations into new head office

Provantage Media Group (PMG) has seen substantial organic and acquisition growth over recent years rendering the well-known Head Office location on Republic Road to no longer be suitable for the leading Out of Home media company.  The group has consolidated all of its operations and divisions into a new 6,500m2 made-to-fit Head Office situated at the corner of York and Bond Streets in Ferndale, Randburg.

The new Head Office building houses all of the PMG divisions together with the PMG Training Academy and the central digital control room from which all digital media platforms are broadcast and managed.

The company, which was started in 2003 by CEO Jacques du Preez, is today ranked as one of the biggest Out of Home media owners in South Africa and on the continent, with offices and operations across Africa and The Middle East.

The international infrastructure provides advertisers with a wide range of media and activation platforms and services designed to deliver effective and targeted advertising solutions. PMG currently operates in 15 countries, and offers diversified products, services and integrated solutions including brand activation, transit media, billboards, mall media, street furniture, golf course media and airport advertising.

 “It has been an incredible journey of growth for the company and our new Head Office reflects not only our leading position within the industry, but represents a space that allows for all our divisions to be in one environment rather than spread out across various office locations. It is an extremely exciting period along the journey that started all those years ago, and as a team we all look forward to settling into our new headquarters,” notes Du Preez.

According to du Preez, having the entire team under one roof solidifies and extends the strong company culture and spirit that defines the entire team that makes up PMG. The company operates on a set of values that define how it approaches its business operations, however these also define the company culture and focus of providing a positive, creative and collaborative working environment for the team.

“Planning to have the entire PMG operation on one site was put in place some time back and it is extremely satisfying to see it come to fruition. I’ve always firmly believed that if we all work together, we can achieve virtually anything. We have built a business that can compete with the best in the world.”

“This is the culture instilled at PMG. Our new office is yet another step in ensuring that as a company we uphold this. Constantly working together as one, delivering world class advertising solutions while continually striving for service excellence,” concludes Du Preez.

PMG divisions housed at the new address include Airport Ads, Global Out of Home Media, Golf Ads, Mall Ads, Outdoor NetworkProActive, Street Network, Transit Ads and the PMG Training Academy.

Contact details for PMG remain unchanged.

The new PMG Head Office can be found at:

Provantage House

7 York Street

Cnr Bond Street




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Johannesburg, 5th September 2019

One of South Africa’s most trusted integrated airport media advertising specialists, Airport Ads® has refreshed its corporate identity to mark the company’s next step of its journey into the future.

Since launching in May 2012, the standalone division of Provantage Media Group (PMG) has been the go-to media expert in the airports environment in Africa. Airport Ads® has shown sustained and exponential growth in this space, with a predominant share of advertising space in the South African market, and it is currently extending its footprint across Africa and the Middle East.

The brand is being refreshed in line with current global trends in the aviation industry, referencing cutting-edge technology as well as customer-centric airports that offer unrivalled concierge facilities. The new logo draws on elements of aircraft design, while the colour palette of gold, black and white emphasises understated elegance, which will resonate with upper LSM consumers and brands looking for a strategic media partner. An emphasis on minimalism underscores the stylish confidence of a globally relevant market leader.

“With vast industry knowledge and a keen understanding of the market, we are already the most trusted brand at airports in South Africa and further afield,” says Mzi Deliwe, Deputy CEO PMG and head of Airport Ads®. “This brand rejuvenation emphasises both exclusivity and attention to detail – it speaks to our ability to offer unlimited opportunities to brands of distinction, through both impressive inventory and exceptional service. It also contributes additional sophistication and global reach.”

A sense of understated luxury and personalised service further underpins the brand’s strategic intent, with a tagline of ‘Limitless Solutions’ aligned with travel but also with vision and the need to exceed client expectations.

Deliwe believes the new branding will change the image and status of Airport Ads® in the market, positioning it even more securely as a knowledgeable co-pilot for discerning clients.

“We want to emphasise quality, service and professionalism above all else,” he says. “As award-winning pioneers, we are well equipped to offer the best guidance as well as a sense of immediacy, responsiveness and ownership to our valued clients in the airports environment.”

Having won multiple ACSA Feather Awards and introduced several innovative products over the years, Airport Ads® is virtually synonymous with airport advertising – passengers have come to rely on Airport.TV®, VisionetTM digital billboards, Airport Classic and Airport Active for the latest news and information. The brand delivers effective advertising solutions at 25 airports across the Middle East and Africa region and its new brand architecture will further entrench its dominance in the sector.


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Sharjah Airport Authority awards commercial advertising management to Provantage

Sharjah Airport Authority (SAA) has signed an agreement with Provantage Media Group (PMG), which specialises in commercial advertising at international airports. PMG will manage the advertising spaces at Sharjah Airport for eight years.

The agreement was signed by HE Ali Salim Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah International Airport Authority, and Jacques du Preez, Founder and CEO of PMG, in the presence of senior managers and officials from both organisations.

The agreement is one of SAA’s efforts to enhance business revenues through the use of advertising space and the latest digital technology solutions. 

HE Ali Salim Al Midfa said, “We awarded Provantage Media the rights to manage advertising at the Airport because the company uses new and innovative methods that are in line with the Airport’s importance, and this will help to enhance SAA’s marketing and advertising efforts. Sharjah Airport continues to achieve steady growth in terms of the numbers of passengers and companies operating at the Airport.” 

His Excellency added, “We chose this company after studying a number of competing offers from several international companies that specialise in advertising.” 

He pointed out that SAA will benefit from the company’s international experience as PMG holds the advertising franchises for approximately 23 international airports. He added that the Airport’s spaces and facilities offer companies and organisations great opportunities to display their modern, attractive ads in good areas.

Jacques du Preez said he was pleased to cooperate with SAA, emphasising that his company would seek to benefit from the increasing traffic at Sharjah Airport, which is one of the region’s leading aviation hubs, by using the advertising industry’s latest digital technology.


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Showmax goes big with Airport Ads at Cape Town International

Showmax has made a big statement in partnership with Airport Ads by unveiling an eye-catching large format building wrap at Cape Town International Airport.

The building wrap is part of a four-month Showmax campaign and is situated on the exterior of the airport’s parking garage, facing the road that exits the airport precinct – a road that all vehicles visiting the airport use to exit.

Showmax is using the building wrap to promote its data offering and the various series available on its platform, including Vikings, Game of Thrones, Billions, and Pretty Little Liars, and has opted for Airport Ads as an advertising partner, as it looks to take its message directly to a targeted audience – those consumers with the means to afford the Showmax offering.

“Airport Classic is just one of the solutions offered by Airport Ads and the building wrap at CTIA is an example of how we are able to provide brands with the opportunity to captivate and engage upper income business and leisure travellers with striking advertising that is truly larger than life,” says Mzi Deliwe, Deputy CEO of PMG and Head of Airport Ads.

According to Airports Company South Africa, Showmax will reach approximately 420,000 affluent passengers a month through this campaign, representing a significant return on investment.

Further, the large format building wrap is expected to be highly impactful, due to its impressive size and location, along with the ability to take the Showmax message to the relevant audience. That’s because the most regular travellers are frequent flyers from the upper income brackets. They have the purchasing power and are regarded as tech-savvy, due to their need to balance constant travel with a work/life balance.

As Showmax is an online subscription video-on-demand service, the fit with a tech-savvy audience that makes us a substantial portion of air travellers is clear, with Airport Ads having the ability to effectively match and target product with audience.


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