airport classic




Size, location and quality execution bring large-format static media to life in the Airport Ads® portfolio.

Magnificent large formats are strategically located, putting the power of the brand message unmistakably in the path of the consumer.

Furthermore, they also enable  ‘campaign building’ via multi-message creative execution.

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airport active



Airport Active puts brands on the ground and into the hands of the consumer. Providing a tactile brand experience through the use of impressively large land and airside activation spaces, Airport Active brings the one-on-one brand connection to life.


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The Atrium

Largest LED

in Africa!

Positioned at the very core of OR Tambo, the Atrium serves as a prime intersection for large format digital advertising.  The screens are strategically placed within the atrium, their influence is undeniable – the screens can be seen across the 3 floors and by passengers going to and from the Gautrain.

They go beyond advertisements, they are an integral part of the airport ambience, enhancing the overall passenger experience.

The bustling Meeters and greeters is transformed into a dynamic visual landscape, where travelers are not just passing through, but are enveloped in a curated visual journey.

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