Industry Association

Airport Ads® is a division of the Provantage Media Group, and proud member of:

  • ACI Africa: Airports Council International
  • WOO: World Out of Home Organization (formerly FEPE)


The typical traveller in South Africa spends a significant amount of time in the airport, varying by location, with an average time spent of 45 minutes to two hours per visit.

The passenger journey through the airport offers multiple opportunities to absorb, engage with and also act upon media advertising.

The mindset of the typical passenger is a transactional one. This is key to brand messaging objectives of reach, awareness and engagement along the path to purchase.


Continuously understanding the passenger and the role and impact of media is key to devising targeted creative executions and media platform delivery efficacy.

Independent research by Kantar has shown that of those people who verified an advertisement on Airport.TV®, 68% identified the key take-out, with a ‘liking’ score of 7.54 out of 10 achieved.

With a view toward continued verification, Airport Ads® research platform Airport Insights and Research (A.I.R) continually analyses and researches current and future trends in order to offer clients substantive feedback on their marketing and communication investment in the digital platform space.

EMM (Environment Media Mapping)

Developed exclusively for Airport Ads®, the EMM tool optimises the placement of media against key consideration parameters: location fit, architecture, passenger flow and dwell-time.

The methodology brings immediate benefit to executional effectiveness, which sees media formats and materials harmoniously matched to achieve the most ideal and accurate audience targeting. 

Loving our planet

Responsible marketing plays a key role in the day-to-day operations of Airport Ads®.

This means that we place substantial importance on our environmental impact and our promise to do our bit in terms of looking after the planet. It is with this in mind that Airport Ads® actively manages and implements media and activities that mitigate our future impact upon it.

Airport Ads® considers its carbon footprint at every moment, implementing environmentally friendly media-platform-related choices that include:

  • Use of LED technology to drive lower power consumption
  • Recycling of media materials in order to reclaim rather than reinvent

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