MTN Business ‘goes’ directly to target audience with national Airport Ads campaign

MTN Business has placed its trust in Airport Ads to deliver a targeted, upper income audience, and rolled out a national multi-site awareness campaign that speaks directly to small business owners.

The leading network has booked multiple holdings at South Africa’s 12 airports for a period of six months, with creative executions across a multitude of static sites, including bulkheads, escalators, wall sites, lightboxes and lift shafts.

In doing so, MTN Business has done justice to its ‘everywhere you go’ tag line and ensured extensive exposure at South Africa’s entry and exit points – points that are well-populated by the country’s small business owners.

In fact, according to Airports Company South Africa, MTN’s significant presence is expected to deliver reach of approximately 3.6 million affluent passengers a month.

“In this way, not only will MTN Business reach a large number of targeted consumers, but also take advantage of the benefits Airport Ads offers, including the high dwell times that occur at airports and access to a key, upper income audience,” says Mzi Deliwe, Deputy CEO of PMG and Head of Airport Ads.

The synergy exists in MTN Business wanting to speak directly to small business owners with its #wegotu campaign and the predominantly business travellers that frequent South Africa’s airports on a daily basis.

The call to action is in the form of copy that speaks to the business owner, with lines such as “need to grow your business?” and “tailor-made business solution”, whilst there’s also an interesting play or two on the actual airport environment, with “faster than priority check-in” and “goes faster than a window seat”, referencing the speed of the MTN network.

MTN claims to be ‘everywhere you go’, and with this extensive campaign across multiple Airport Ads sites at every South African airport, it makes a strong case to support that claim.

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